Sunday, February 08, 2009

social reform

Next, blame the society, and go on reform: and this is the path many movements (Aryo samaj, Brahma Samaj, Indian secularists, the defenders of human rights, Loksatta, whatever you name it) in India since 'independence' have taken to. The bane of these movements is that, upon simple questioning, they haven't understood the phenomena they wanted to 'reform'. How can it be said that they don't understand what is to be reformed? Are they bunch of stupids? Surely not. Then, where to look for the explanans?

Then, there is a question of what understanding is. When we say that P and Q are related, we need more than missing gap between P and Q: this gap-filler is hypothetical (so is electron, gene, etc); but we need different criteria as to why this hypothesis is better than others.

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