Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mimick others status quo

feng: you assume that once you help someone, the latter will help others
thats wrong
11:57 AM me: yeah
feng: because the guy is trying to help himself to maintain/mimick (others) status quo
me: hmm
feng: Just drawing graphs, with bunch of equations, is useless
11:58 AM the way these rational choice economists do
with all computing power
me: its not just true for the pullampet idiots... everyone of us have something alone the lines... "My aim is....", "I like to....."
feng: I said, pullampet
because you want to uplift pullampet citizens;)
me: lol sorry
11:59 AM yeah:)
feng: you can't really uplift anyone
people can survive
heard of millets?
sajja, raagi, bariga
they are called millets
me: yeah
feng: pearl millet, barnyard millet, etc
you dont need bore wells
a person can survive in India
12:00 PM me: hmm
feng: the notion of the aims have changed
me: hmm
12:01 PM feng: thats why, one should start debunking common sense phychology, and the theories of human psychologies associated with capitalism and communism
Even though marx theories are betetr than today's theories
but his psychology is bunk
Everybody wants to be manager
everybody wants to be ceo
12:02 PM instead of just work and survive
you shuda slapped that guy who said money is mithya
robbed his money
then he knows whether it is mithya

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