Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Singularity University, MIT Professional Institute

Some advancement in the calcified structure of education

Singularity University

Singularity University is less a traditional university and more an institution that will feature intensive 10-week, 10-day, or 3-day programs examining a set of 10 technologies and disciplines, such as future studies and forecasting; biotechnology and bioinformatics; nanotechnology; AI, robotics, and cognitive computing; and finance and entrepreneurship.

The founders anticipate that students will come from all over the world, and they hope the program results in the founding of new companies, the evolution of scientific and technological thinking, and the solidifying of professional and personal networks among the highly-accomplished students and faculty.

To Kurzweil, Singularity University is a place to problem-solve and talk about the results of the most recent iterations of the exponentially growing technologies that have shaped modern life. Among them, he said, are vacuum tubes, integrated circuits, chips and microprocessors.

Now, he said, we are on the threshold of an explosion of the newest such technology, including 3D and self-organizing molecular circuits. And to Kurzweil, the ability to bring together the leaders in this wide range of fields is a rare opportunity to jump-start the future. (The program's name is based on the theories Kurzweil popularized in his best-selling book The Singularity is Near.)

Can entrepreneurship be taught?

MIT Professional Institute

Discover. Innovate. Collaborate. Excel. An MIT education plunges students into a fast-paced world of new ideas, emerging fields, rigorous performance, and world-class colleagues. The Professional Education Programs office (PEP) is the gateway to lifelong learning from MIT’s renowned faculty, whether in a Cambridge classroom or at your company site. Through PEP, individuals can spend a semester or more studying in courses offered across the Institute. In 2006, PEP launched a new, innovative program that helps talented professionals prepare for career reentry. Professionals can also gain a competitive edge by taking a short course crafted for industry application. Custom programs can be delivered on campus or on site. PEP brings MIT to the world.

MIT has some interesting courses, eg: Renewable Energy: Capturing the Sun

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