Sunday, November 12, 2006

Remote Access

We need to change Remote Desktop's default port. There are pretty good instructions at

Quick steps:

1. Change the port# (decimal) in windows registry:


Lets change it to 6969

2. Next, open the necessary ports in Windows firewall and any other software firewalls (ZoneAlarm, Sygate) that you use. This is not mentioned in the link provided above.

3. Now, you need to open this port for external access in the router (which has a firewall enabled by default). For D-Link DI-524:

  • Go to, your routers web management address.
  • Click on advanced -> Virtual Server.
  • Select enabled
  • Enter a name for this virtual server. Something like RemDeskMine, RemDeskWifey - to be able to remote desktop into multiple machines at home running on different ports.
  • Enter the IP of the machine that you wanna connect to remotely. This is of the format
  • Private port is 6969. Public port can be different but to make it easier, lets use the same port.
  • Select Always and click on Apply.
4. Now, restart your machine for the registry changes to take effect. All set!


1. You should know your home public IP address to be able to connect remotely. You can either look it up on the router's web management page or simply go to at home and make a note of your public IP.

Type the following in Remote Desktop client. ip address: port. Eg:

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