Monday, November 27, 2006

Management at Microsoft

So what's it take to swing 1 or 2 you ask, if not superb programming skills? Well, you have got to become a superb bullshitter! I won't name who those are at MSFT, but there's a few outstanding ones who can convey an image of diligence, value, hard work, and basically an aura of happiness about them. Not that they're actually smarter or better than you in any way - they're just better at creating this perception with the words they say, the actions they do, the way they communicate to others about what it is they do, the way they ask their questions from others, etc. Does this come easy? Fuck no. This is why you don't see major bullshitters straight out of college - what you see straight out of college are a bunch of wannabe idealists..... never mature folks. Unfortunately, some never grow out of this phase (and I guess that's for the better, for we can't all have management types in companies, someone needs to do the real work).

Management (or better yet, upward career movement) is a choice, and requires learning a lot of skills, way past your C++/.NET algorithmic skills. So unless you are prepared to pack this knowledge about human psychology, business, technical knowledge, all rolled into one and served up with whipped cream and a cherry on top - don't bitch about anything at MSFT, AMZN, or anywhere else. Because believe me, you can't do better than them if the roles were reversed. You just _THINK_ you can do better, but you really can't (not unless you are Dr. Charles Xavier from x-men).

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