Sunday, November 05, 2006

Firefox memory issues

Firefox 2.0 seems to have fixed that eternal problem of memory gobbling. Some pointers on that just in case it resurfaces:

As a good practice for Web 2.0 users, you should close your browser every few hours or so. That is not ideal, but it is the reality of the world today.

At least download real task manager from Sysinternals and report number of Private Bytes vs. Virtual Size vs. Working Set.

Most of memory used can be some caches used to actually speed up rendering of pages - not slow your computer down. You have always apply tradeoff in algorithms - speed vs. memory.

As well what’s a reason to make application do not use memory in case if it’s already fully paid and plugged in into your motherboard ?

Also, investigate memory issues caused by toolbars and extensions.

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