Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fine. Then we will bomb you until you realize how bad your pain is.

Good point, Scott. People getting offended for people who aren't actually offended. That usually leads to trouble and unnecessary trouble:

Unnamed Western Country: We are offended that you have to suffer under a regime of dictatorship. Your personal freedoms are limited and we are empathetic to your plight. We feel for you. We will bring you democracy so that you will not hurt so bad.

Unnamed Mideast Country: Actually, we're not hurting. Dictatorship is the best fit for us now. Because of our tendency to mix religion with government, democracy wouldn't work for us. It's best that the leader of a certain sect asserts his power so that the country doesn't collapse into civil war.

UWC: (not listening) So we will be over soon to heal your hurts.

UMC: We aren't hurting.

UWC: Don't panic, democracy will make it all better, and you won't hurt anymore.

UMC: We don't want your democracy.

UWC: That's just the pain talking.

UMC: We're OK. Really.

UWC: Oh! The extent of your suffering! We will make sure that you suffer no more.

UMC: You will bring pain with you if you try to help us.

UWC: There's always a little hurting before the healing.

UMC: No, you don't understand. We're ok. We don't want you to help us.

UWC: Well, we know one person in your country who does want us to help.

UMC: Actually, he was a tourist from your country. None of us want your help.

UWC: Fine. Then we will bomb you until you realize how bad your pain is.


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