Thursday, November 30, 2006

Honda Jets to the Future

Jensen, while I can appreciate your frustration, the simple fact is that hydrogen is the best bet for plentiful energy. You dismiss the lack of a hydrogen distribution network, but what if every hydro car came complete with a hi-efficiency solar/wind/off-peak grid unit you hooked up to your home to electrolocized water into hydro 24/7? Sure, ethanol sounds good, and Brazil is a stunning example of it, but they have one huge advantage over us: sugarcane. It's easier to make ethanol out of sugar than anything else, and US farmers just won't be able to compete with that in the long run.

We are only a few years away from the combination technological breakthrough/refinement of engineering that will produce the first "Model T" type hydro car. Sure, oil companies are not promoting it, but they, like you, don't think the technology is any danger to them.

Of course, the Germans and Japanese are dumping billions into hydro research in the meantime, and will own the tech when its perfected if we aren't more dilligent. They both lost the last war they were in because they ran out of gas. They won't make that mistake again . . .

Honda Jets to the Future

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