Sunday, October 19, 2008

What to do now?

Unfortunately, we cant sit back and say, I am not going to do anything this year. We have to do something just to keep abreast with inflation. That means you have to earn 12% on your assets (liquid, fixed) to just stay where you are. (Assuming inflation stays at 12%).

No matter what the conditions are, there is always an opportunity to make some profit. Business is a natural extension to any given situation. Put me back into stone age. I am sure I will find something to make and sell.

Since we are domain agnostic and stick to the simple philosophy of "To Create Surplus", I don't see any problem in finding an opportunity. But the efforts are going to go up and the margins are going to come down. That's for sure. And that's the challenge.

Deevee One: What to do now?

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