Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is now the time for a Wall Street sequel? | Film |

I think you've rather misunderstood by the way .... which sadly indicates you've failed to understand the entire message of the movie!!! The point was that some of the companies that GG (in the real world, the Rowlands and Goldsmiths) raided had little wrong with them - crucially they WEREN'T "sick or dying," BUT they were not completely ruthless in maximising profitability (and therefore shareprice) to the very last fraction of a cent. They were companies taking a 'hey, we can all do well' attitude and therefore combined making reasonable (though not maximal) profits with being decent to their workforces, honest with their customers, respectful to the environment, etc.

What the GGs did was come along and buy up shares in the knowledge that by instead sh1tting all over the workforce, customers, environment, by taking a completely greedy, immoral and irresponsible stance they could up profitability and shareprice, thereby being able to sell-on the shares at a large profit.

The important message of the movie being that mature shareholder-owned corporate capitalism is fundamentally evil - that it CAN no longer act in any other way, it cannot be responsible, it cannot be "ethical" because as soon as any corporation attempts so to act, it fails to maximise profitability and therefore shareprice, thus exposing itself to being bought and any such approach expunged to make a profit on the shares. And that is why such opportunities today are, as you say, rare - because no-one would dare to try and run a corporation in anything but a wholly amoral 'shareprice-maximising at any cost whatsoever' way!

Is now the time for a Wall Street sequel? | Film |

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