Saturday, October 25, 2008

Snap Fitness Center Franchise Opportunities

Our first club opened in 2004. Today, with more than 1,500 sold in the United States and Canada, we rank #1 on Franchise Market Magazine's Top 100 New Franchises* and #3 among Entrepreneur Magazine's Top New Franchises**.

A Snap Fitness franchise is easy to afford, easy to manage - 70% of our franchisees are absentee owners - and easy to market.
Snap Fitness Center Franchise Opportunities

Low Cost, High Value Makes My Model Work

Less is more! That's what I concluded after a two-year quest to design the ideal health club for a would-be owner like you.

I managed "big box" clubs for 20 years. Though successful, I questioned the work and capital needed to turn a profit. So, through analysis and trial-and-error, I down-sized, stripping costly amenities and keeping only the bare essentials that fit in low-rent, well-situated malls.

I cut labor by using a high-security, key-card system to let members come and go in a safe environment. And I emphasized good value and a low price.

My first test in rural Minnesota yielded 180 members in 30 days. From my point of view that was good enough financially. Pilots in larger markets got similar results. I realized I had a tiger by the tail - and a business model you can use to pursue your dreams.

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