Monday, October 06, 2008 : Who is Marina - HotForWords?

Who is HotForWords? Her name is Marina Orlova, she’s 27 and she’s a philologist! Now you might be asking what the heck is a philologist? Well, it’s someone who studies linguistics and etymology.. and in Marina’s case.. she has applied her Philology degrees to specializing in word origins.

Marina has two degrees - Teaching of Russian Language and World Literature Specializing in Philology and the Teaching of English Language Specializing in Philology from State University of Nizhni Novgorod Region in Russian Federation, graduated 2002 and taught English to high school students for 2 years.

Marina burst in on the scene in mid 2007 launching her YouTube channel HotForWords, where she takes requests from YouTube viewers for words to discuss, and she releases 5-7 videos each week discussing the origins of these words, in a fun and playful manner!

Marina is the #1 Guru on YouTube, she’s consistently the most watched channel on ALL of YouTube as well - just ahead of Universal Music Group and the NBA, her videos are seen over five million times each week (She is currently at 117,522,384 video views on YouTube alone and counting!), she hosts a bi-weekly radio show on Maxim Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio, she’s currently writing a book on how to use etymology in everyday life - yet nobody really knows much about Marina, other than what her channel states - that she is from “The Capital of the Republic of Lexicon” and her hometown is “Etymologia”

HotForWords : Who is Marina - HotForWords?
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