Wednesday, March 25, 2009

intelligent layoffs in India

Infosys to offer NGO work to staff at half pay

Left without as much work for all its employees, Infosys is offering some of them an option to work with a non-profit organisation for a year and get paid half their salary by the IT major, its co-founder Nandan Nilekani has said.

"We've also launched a program where an employee can go work with a non-profit organisation for a year and we'll pay him half the salary for the duration," Nilekani told US publication Forbes in an interview published online.

Heard about this about 2 months back from insiders, but no news at that time. I think there will be layoffs in IT this year. There maybe bank auctions on flats, I think a lot of these IT people would have taken huge loans to buy flats. Their plan is to show a flat, shoot for higher dowry. It seems AP CM, YSR told the banks to not auction till elections are over.

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yogijp said...

There's more to consider than drawn out decision -- making and hard bargaining by U.S. investments banks. One burden Infosys's cash pile can help it carry is the industry's need to retain a bench -- employees who are not gainfully engaged, but have to be kept on the rolls because new clients want immediate service. Already, a third of Infosys employees are unutilized.