Monday, March 23, 2009

Do you know there are over 10 million cell phone plan and add-on combinations? Or that every credit card has over 100 meaningful variables? We're obsessed with monitoring all those details - so you don't have to!

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D said...

BillShrink makes its money from commissions earned and paid out by cell phone companies for having switched consumers onto other wireless plans. How are we supposed to trust a company that works for the cell companies rather than for the customer? Additionally, BillShrink requires the login and password information for the customer's online wireless account which is a flagrant violation of many of the cell providers' terms of use, particularly Verizon.

In contrast, the online cell bill reduction company that I work for, Validas, offers a far more comprehensive and effective way to save through our website at Our modifications to your plan are uniquely structured around your individual usage patterns; Validas works for you rather than the cell companies. Additionally, Validas tells you exactly how much money our changes to your plan would save you before you are committed to paying a cent. Compare your projected savings to the cost of the Validas service, and then only pay if Validas can save you more than our fees cost. Our cell bill audits start at five bucks, and the average consumer saves $450 annually with our bill modifications. Check out Validas on Good Morning America at

Good luck to everyone reading as we all try to save some extra cash to make it through the recession.