Friday, February 01, 2008


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Was the Civil War a Terrible Mistake?

Strike The Root

Lew Rockwell Blog

Some Observations on Four Terms in Congress - Ron Paul, 1984

Your play-by-play for the end game of modern banking.

The Mouse that roared: Why Ron Paul won the election

Proceed Ever More Boldly

How Political Correctness (by the Fed) Created the Subprime Crisis

More on Being "Pro-Confederate" (Whatever That Means)

Ron Paul in a Nutshell

Thanks, Bernanke

How the Smearbund is Destroying Itself

Central Bankers Are Nuts

Down With the FDA, Enemy of Health Freedom

Wal-Mart Teams With Local Hospitals to Open Clinics

AMA Calls for Investigation of Retail Clinics
Re: The Blood-soaked Bible Belt

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Writes Jason Rockwood: "I'm a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I follow emerging trends in media culture. I've been appalled at the media blackout of Ron Paul, and I decided I needed to do something to help advance the campaign. While I'm scared of my government, I realize I must, in the words of Andrew Napolitano, be a wolf and not a sheep. Here is my attempt at helping the Revolution.

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Hadar to Pape to Paul: Best Double-Play Combination in Foreign Policy