Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Controlling Crime - police, mafia, politicians, etc

One of the many problems:

If this report from Tehelka about the complicity of the police in the Nithari serial killings does not outrage you, check your pulse–you may be brain dead and therefore be qualified to be an Indian political leader.

A Possible solution:

The number of rebels on the Web site is still tiny compared to Palermo's businesses overall, but their movement has helped to chip away at the Mafia's psychological hold on Sicilians - long conditioned to believe that defiance would bring ruin or a death sentence. And any consistent crumbling of that culture of fear could ultimately lead to Cosa Nostra's undoing.

The businesses are openly defying the Mafia by signing on to a Web site called "Addiopizzo" (Goodbye Pizzo), which brings together businesses in the Sicilian capital that are resisting extortion.

1. Track down every police - maintain an online directory, editable/commentable (anonymous too).

2. Assign local representatives to tag/track every policeman in that area.

3. Make these locally electable positions. Not appointments. Self governance. Why have democracy at the top level, if our people don't know how it is going to work locally? Make school principals/teachers locally electable too. These guys pay lotsa money in bribes to get a job, they might as well spend it on getting elected.

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