Sunday, January 06, 2008

ASP based sites - Verizon, godaddy, etc

Verizon is the only web-based site where you can pay your bill faster by shipping out instead of paying online.

In my life, I've encountered a few sites that are unresponsive time and again. Two of them that are consistently excruciatingly slow are verizon and godaddy. Not so surprisingly, verizon works on internet explorer only. T-Mobile sucks some time too.

Verizon, an ISP, has a rather poor infrastructure. It takes several minutes for a page to load. I have to stop and refresh the page many times over to load correctly. It has crappy tabbing too, if I select something, it automatically goes to the next element.

Godaddy consistently gives me a bad header request error.

I use both sites a couple of times every month and they have been consistent in their crappy behavior.

This proves beyond a shadow of doubt that asp is not viable for traffic intensive sites.

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