Sunday, May 06, 2007

Who Won WWII?

JP Morgan, Chase and a couple of other US banks won. Britain finished paying off its debt in 2006. USA did not enter the war effort until Britain started to lose/risked being invaded by USSR, which endangered the ROI on loans provided by the American big banks to the UK.

I am originally from The Netherlands. We had both our bicycle brigades destroyed on the first day of the War. Our history books and libraries are full of tales of resistance. In reality a huge majority welcomed the German overlord and were ok with the German invasion until they started to plunder the country for resources and food to fuel a losing war.

Hitler's mistakes lost the tail half of the war as surely as his successes won the first half. A fine line between genius and insanity indeed.

I'm Dutch, and we've all learned the Canadians liberated us, and then went on to impregnate the local girls.

I'm a flag waiving American who served in the armed forces, whose grandfather fought for the valiant Americans in WWII. I was one of the last cold warriors against the Russkies . . . and even I must concede that the achievement of the Soviets against the Germans in WWII cannot be overstated. The losses were great, but Stalin's forces went toe to toe and won, driving the German army all the way back to Berlin the old fashioned way -- inch by inch. A tip of the hat.

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