Thursday, May 24, 2007

Productivity Ninja: 101 Ways to Rock the Keyboard

Keyboard Shortcuts


* Compose. C.
* Reply. R.
* Reply all. A.
* Forward. F.
* Archive, and next. Y+O archives the current message and opens the next.
* Delete, and next. #+O (i.e. Shift-3 + O) to delete and then open the next message.
* Send. Tab-Enter to send a message after composing it.
* Search. /.
* Navigate. J and K to move up and down your list of messages.
* Conversation view. N and P to move to the next or previous messages in Conversation view.
* Mute. M will archive a conversation and make all future messages in that conversation skip your inbox.
* Select conversation. X will select and check a conversation so you can tag, archive or apply an action.
* Save draft. Control-S.
* Go to inbox. G+I.
* Go to Starred. G+S.
* Go to Contacts. G+C.


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