Sunday, October 29, 2006

Internet News, Censorship and the Pope

I guess it is time to start reading a newspaper. Here's why..

Oh we think we're so smart, with our Google News homepages and our online subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal. More and more of us are getting our news from the Internet and that's hurting newspapers and ultimately hurting us, too, because we are getting less news overall.
And where are those vaunted bloggers? They are waiting for the newspapers to write about it so they can read about it on the web and then comment. Now THERE's a public service.
If it's a big story that's important to a lot of people, the Internet either beats it to death or misses it completely. This is the nature of the beast and it makes me sad because I sit here on the third floor of an old house in Charleston, South Carolina banging out these columns and people ask me "Where do you GET this stuff?"

As is my wont, going through the posts on Atanu's, was reading a post on Friedman, The World is Mad Followup. Poking a bit at the links lead me to these:

In March 2005, Taibbi wrote a column for NY Press, entitled "The 52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope". The column was denounced by Senator Hillary Clinton, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Matt Drudge, among others, including Congressman Anthony Weiner, who suggested that New Yorkers take copies of that issue out of their news boxes and destroy them.

What is the difference between this and a fatwa? Discuss.

As an aside, a lotta bloggers made a huge noise over the Prophet cartoons and censorship. I haven't seen anyone blog about this. There could be two reasons, the first that I am not reading enough blogs or that the bloggers missed it.

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