Saturday, October 28, 2006

Babies, Free Will and Agency

What is free will, btw?
Look at babies. Aw, how cute. Again, scientists have proven that we are hard wired to like the way babies look. The sight of large heads relative to body size coupled with small ears, noses and mouths triggers flows of endorphins in our brains, whether we are looking at baby humans or mammals of any sort. It makes us feel good due to the flooding of feel good chemicals it generates.
People in a good mood process things less deeply than those in a bad mood so if the store can change its lighting, odor, music to pleasure inducing stimuli- then you in your good mood are less likely to think deeply and therefore decide against that impulse buy.
And Agency..
So I think we all have Agency- or the ability to choose. I believe this to be an inalienable right- even with a gun to your head you still have a choice. The catch is that you can't choose how the guy holding the gun to your head is going to react and thats where the situation starts appearing to be 'forced'. You might be between a rock and hard place but its still up to you to pick 'Rock' or 'Hard Place'.

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