Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chiranjeevi Praja Rajyam

I wanted to wait and see how the script unfolds, but it is now intermission time ( 3 months more to go, and 3-4 months have gone by now) and I am still not seeing the point of the story. I am waiting for that scene to come when all that didn’t make sense so far will make sense and provide the needed punch, but now I’ve lost hope. Neither has Chiranjeevi, or his top aides, made clear what change he will bring nor do I see the signs of that happening.

Firstly, the folks of Andhra Pradesh and really cool dudes; they seem to show in hordes for just about anybody’s roadshows or meetings. The PRP camp seems pretty sure that there is no Chiru-wave to ride on because they are busy digging deep in to Government statistics of castes, communities, and population to figure out how the election equations will play out. Chiranjeevi seems to have no vision of his own and just does not have what it takes to be a leader. On the other hand, he is acting according to the script written by the producer, Allu Aravind, of Bollywood’s All-Time Blockbuster, Ghajini. It also looks like Chiranjeevi has no ideas of his own. His three top aides are his family members and it seems to have just become one big money making extravaganza for them. It is actually resembling the nature of Chiranjeevi’s movies towards the end of this career; they were made only to make money on his name, but with no real substance.

Ok, lets get to the facts now. The PRP camp is taking three crores per aspiring candidate and this does not include the number of crores the candidate needs to dish out at the time of elections. Where is all this money going to? Now, assuming that each candidate spends 7 crores (3 pre-election plus 4 during election), then when they come to power doesn’t each candidate have to recover their costs? Isn’t this the same politics we’ve all been disillusioned about and wanting change from? In fact, I wouldn’t even be surprised if Mr. Chiranjeevi is unware that each aspiring candidate to their party has to pay so much of cash to be considered.

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