Wednesday, July 09, 2008

YouTube - Bruce Wasserstein: Gouging Grandma

"Bruce Wasserstein: Gouging Grandma", follows Robin Berson, the daughter of an Atria resident, and Dino Vallenes, a maintenance worker at an Atria facility, as they travel to Bermuda to speak out at Lazard's annual shareholder meeting.

Lazard paid Bruce Wasserstein $41 million for 2007 and, on the same day, gave him a new five-year deal worth about another $100 million. Average pay for Atria workers is $8-$10 an hour, and workers report that the costs of company-offered healthcare puts it well beyond their reach. At the same time, elderly residents and workers have cited wide-ranging concerns, such as poor patient care, poverty wages for employees and skyrocketing rent increases, at Atria facilities. In response to complaints from residents, legislators in CA and NY have called on Atria to stop gouging residents and respect its employees.

YouTube - Bruce Wasserstein: Gouging Grandma
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