Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Welcome to the Aperi Blog

The Aperi project announces the first release of the Storage Network Simulator. The simulator is a tool that enables you to simulate a storage area network (SAN) through software. You can create a SAN configuration, add devices to the SAN, create arbitrary connections between devices, and remove connections between devices. Using this tool to create a simulated SAN environment can help when you:

  • Have limited or no access to hardware and software when developing and testing SRM applications
  • Have "off-line"' access to SAN devices without impacting the performance of the real network (such as the SNIA lab or any SAN in the world).
  • Need to perform "what-if" analysis before you plan to extend or reconfigure your SAN
The SAN Simulator provides an increase in productivity and efficiency for Aperi development and testing by removing the dependence on device availability.

Welcome to the Aperi Blog
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