Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Joie De Vivre

Evolution is some how a word that misleads you. It makes you think that we are evolving towards something better.

Adding to it, We are self aware. This self awareness made us special and superior to the rest of the species we were told.

But how does self awareness makes you superior? Thought is a by product of self awareness. Does that make us superior? How and why? Why are we so sure?

What makes you superior?

You can build better buildings than an ant can?That makes you superior only if the ant is comparing its hill with your building.But the ants dont care. You are the one who is comparing.

What if the ant says,Hey I can trace food with my antenna thats 100 meters away. You cant find that cookie crumble in your sofa. What if the ant says, Hey I can lift a weight thats 100 times my body weight. What if the ant says, Hey long before you thought of socialism, communism
and found religions, we discovered living a selfless life, to live for a society.

The thing is, your metrics for superiority are your metrics. Not the ants. Ants dont even have metrics. Actually that makes them too superior because you can NEVER beat them. No matter how complex a thing you evolve into.

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