Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sharp XR-10X DLP XGA 2000 Lumens Projector

I used to own the (NEC VT47 Digital Video Projector) and this one blows it out of the water. This is the best projector for the price. Our local tweeter store had a display set up for a 6000 dollar projector and friends, mine is just as good. After my other one bit the dust, thanks to Alabama Powers flipping the electricity on and off and not replacing it when I nicely pointed out that they had killed it... still a sore spot... I waited about six months before I got a new one. I have been studying and demo-ing projectors for years: Prices, resolution (the horizontal and vertical lines that make up the detail) and the lumens (The brightness of the bulb... Typically in a dark room 1300-1500 is plenty) all the specs.

Pricegrabber Sharp

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yogijp said...

This seems to have bulb failure problems.

I'm now considering Epson Powerlite 76c,124784-page,1/article.html