Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Last of the Mohicans

(to Sachem)
Huron serve no one. The French father
believes he fooled Magua because he is so
proud of his cleverness, he is blind. But it
is the Huron path that Magua walks down,
not the French one ... Now, Les Francais,
also, fear Huron. That is good. When the
Huron is strong from their fear, we will make
the terms of trade with Les Francais. And we
will trade as the white man trades. Take land
from the Abnakes; fur from the Osage, Sauk
& Fox. And make the Huron great. Over
other tribes. No less than the whites, as strong
as the whites.

Hawkeye appears to be losing his debate with Magua.

(to Sachem)
Magua would use the ways of Les Francais
and the Yengeese ...

(to Sachem)
The red man put down the bow, picked up
the fire stick and became the best warrior
in the forest. Yes. It is the only way.

Would the Huron make his Algonquin brothers
foolish with brandy and steal his lands to sell
them for gold to the white man? Would the
Huron have greed for more land than a man
can use? Like Francais Black Robes do?
Would Huron kill tribes with disease? Would
the Huron fool Seneca into taking all the
animals in the forest for beads & brandy? But
sell the fur to the white man for gold? ...
(to Sachem)
Those are the ways of Yengeese and Les
Francais masters. Are they the ways of Huron
men who hunt & work the land? Or of dogs?
... Magua's heart is twisted. He would make
himself into what twisted him. A Dog, become
Master of Dogs. But are Hurons dogs?
... Magua's way is false. It is like the white
sickness. Magua's way will bring only sadness
and shame. Is there another way? I don't know.
I am Nathaniel of the Yengeese; Hawkeye,
adopted son of Chingachgook, of the Mohican
people ... Let the children of the dead Munro go
free ... I speak the truth.

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