Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obihai Obi100

  • Get OBi100.
  • Get a Google Voice number. Place a call via Gmail.
  • Login to Google Voice, Phones, check ONLY Google Chat. OBi uses Google Chat/XMPP.
  • Find OBi100 IP address from your router. Login to the IP, default password admin, admin.
    • Change Auto Provisioning - disable Firmware Update and Auto Provisioning
    • Change Network Settings - Static IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, DNS.
  • Register at This is simple, just register online and call the number from your phone, your device serial number and MAC address will be registered with
  • On, configure Service Providers, select Google Voice and enter Gmail credentials. This should automatically setup your device for GV incoming and outgoing.
  • Update: Login to You will see 2 entries under My OBi Endpoints. Select OBi 100 (or 110 if you have that). Under "Configure Voice Services", you will find Google Voice setup. This will automatically configure the "Service Provider 1". 

Some folks may have a problem with incoming calls. A possible solution is to use SIPGATE. See Amazon reviews for setup details.

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