Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to install app on tablet

From RK.

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Downloaded it. Thanks! Seems too simple. Just hit the recalibration button,wait 5 seconds and you're done?
1.Download app
2.Find a live chicken
3.Buy some super glue
4.Buy a coat for the chicken
5.Pluck the chicken
6.Put new coat on chicken and turn it loose
7.Locate the box your GTab came in
8.Super glue chicken feathers to GTab box (may void your warranty)
9.Install app on your GTab
10.Fill GTab box with ketchup
11.Find a butter knife
12.Set Gtab on floor
13.Place Gtab chicken feather box on floor (place drop cloth under box)
14.Gtab box must be 6.66 ft from Gtab
15.Open app on Gtab
16.Hit Calibrate button
17.Without touching GTab quickly run over to GTab box and stab it with the butter knife 5 times
18.Spin in circle 3 times to the left and then 4 times to the right
19.Walk calmly to your Gtab
20.Observe it....DON'T TOUCH IT YET
21.Clean up the Gtab box mess and wash your hands
22.You may now retrieve your GTab and enjoy its new vodoo calibration fix

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