Saturday, January 31, 2009

Uttishtha Bharata

"Man is supreme. The world is his field of play. World problems cannot defeat a man truly intelligent and well-disciplined in himself. Our youth must realize this and start living the life of preparedness to strive diligently and accomplish great and useful achievements for the generations to come. Actions, which have not the spirit of service about them, the sevabhava- if the Yagna spirit is not in the community - then all activities, however noble-looking they may be, can in the end bring about only sorrows and calamities.

Thus through action with the right mental attitude, "Awake Arise O Bharata!"(Uttishtha Bharata). This is the tireless call of the Geeta not only to the Pandava Prince of the Mahabharata, but to man at all times, in all climes, belonging to all races, religions and cultures.

The term Bharata denotes Arjuna, the descendant of the ancient King Bharat. Our country is called Bharat not merely because of this ancient King. The Rishis chose this name for its very word meaning. "Bha" in Sanskrit stands for Light, illumination, resplendence. Hence, Bhaskara - Sun; Prabha - Light, Prabhat - Dawn, Bhanu - Sun, etc. Ratah means "one who revels in". Thus Bha+Ratah means "One who revels in the Light of wisdom" This country stands for a life of dynamic activity in the clear light of true wisdom. Spiritual India, Bharat, has no boundaries - she sways her divine sceptical over world. Wherever there be one who lives courageously in the Light of Wisdom, stretching himself to reach the Supreme, he is a Bharateeya, a true Indian. Are you a true Bharateeya? Have you the courage to live your convictions? Do you live a life of no compromises? Are you straightforward, honest and heroic enough to reject corrupt and immoral ways? Are you constantly and silently fighting down your lower urges and vulgar passions? Do you consider the destiny of your nation and its people more sacred than your own personal safety and security? Then you are a Bharateeya. Are you awake? "

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