Saturday, June 07, 2008

Business (LLC) and H1B - | Google Groups

This advice is incorrect. US immigration law does not allow an H1 todonate their time to a business. You can volunteer your time to acharity or the like if you can prove that unpaid work is typical forother people at the charity in a similar position. I doubt you will findmany people 'donating' their time to a business.

As an H1, your investment in the LLC can only be passive i.e. you canattend shareholder meetings, invest money and take profit/loss which arereported on a form K1 attached to your US tax return. You cannotactively work for or manage the company. If there is nobody elseinvolved in the LLC, then you are automatically in violation (since youmust be doing the work).

If you are working for the LLC as described, you are in violation ofyour H1 status. Be careful. You should file for a concurrent part-timeH1 status ASAP.

Business (LLC) and H1B - | Google Groups

You are now officially an illegal alien, out of status and deportable
pursuant to 237(a)(1)(C) of the INA.  The only question now, is if the
government will learn of the violation.
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