Thursday, May 15, 2008

When You’re Twenty-Seven Years and Single

And so the time came for me to pick a boy. To marry. “You know, because twenty-seven years is the perfect age and your daughter has finished her education Mr. Agarwal,” and, “It is the right thing to do before she gets too old and all the good ones get taken,” and, “Because the good ones do get taken early Mr. Agarwal, in fact, it might already be too late to find a well-bred, single doctor/engineer boy for your daughter.”

And so, like most Indian girls whose parents start looking for an eligible match, my singleness was the topic of many a long conversation at miscellaneous social gatherings. “Beta, did you not find any nice boy all those years in college?” Translation: “You poor thing, you really should have gone on that diet I told your mother about last year.”
When You’re Twenty-Seven Years and Single : When You’re Twenty-Seven Years and Single, Kanishka Agarwal blogs on sulekha, Personal blogs, Kanishka Agarwal blog from india
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