Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Open source networking -

Vyatta has changed the networking world by developing the first commercially supported, open-source router, firewall, VPN solution to provide an alternative to over-priced, inflexible products from proprietary vendors. Vyatta delivers the features, performance, and reliability of an enterprise-class secure router with the added benefits of flexible deployment options--x86 hardware, blade servers, virtualization-- freedom to integrate applications, and the economic advantages of commodity hardware and components.

Introduce new levels of economics, choice, and control into your network:

Economics: Save 50% or more over proprietary products! Leverage industry standard x86 servers and off-the-shelf components.

Choice: Simplify network deployment by running Vyatta on: Vyatta appliances, x86 hardware, server blades, or common virtualization platforms.

Control: Source code availability and community influence allow for faster feature integration and the freedom to build your own custom solutions.

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