Saturday, August 11, 2007

Windows problems - User Profile Hive Cleanup

Programmers come in all shapes and sizes so far as knowledge, ability,
experience, ability, creativity, ability, skill (did I already mention
ability?), ability, and, oh, yes, ABILITY. One of the many things
programmers are SUPPOSED to do when closing their application is clean-up.
Clean-up covers a lot of things and often something is overlooked. That is
why we have Beta testing and bug reports and all those wonderful things us
users must deal with. It seems that SOME programmers do not concern
themselves with such trivial matters as releasing memory back to the system
when their program ends, or closing the registry, or releasing hive usage,
or any one of many things. Hence our problem with the registry hive.

With each new evolution of Windows the system register has grown in
complexity and size. Now it is so large it is divided into "Hives." In my
experience with my many customers (and you) using Windows since NT came out,
this problem (the open profile) has existed. Now that UPHClean is
available, I have normally seen it reporting, as culprits, add on programs.
Interestingly, the hive problems seem to be caused by Microsoft programmer
written applications. So, whenever I find the hive problem in my customers'
Events file, I install this tool to ensure they have fewer registry

So, what can you do? Nothing to do. The "work around" to the open user
profile issue is solved using the UPHC tool. It has closed the open files,
released the system resources and released the user profile so that the
registry can be closed prior to system shutdown or user logoff. Everything
else is provided For Your Information (i.e.: UPHClean actually worked).

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