Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why Java is Better than .NET, Reasons #66 to #70

66. Predictable Upgrade Cycle
The planned release schedule between major versions of the JDK is 18 months. For C# its not clear, its even murkier for the ECMA standard. For example, the next version of C# will include generics, however it changes some details of the CLI which ultimately means the ECMA standard needs to be updated. The schedule when this will happen is not clear. Even worse, based on past experience, its not clear if Microsoft will continue to support today's technologies (i.e. VB6, DNA).
67. Better Support for Domain Specific Languages
Extensible java parser frameworks like JSE, JacO, Polyglot aid in the creation of extensions to Java to make it easier to build domain specific languages. These frameworks allow a non compiler expert to easily create new language constructs.
68. Security in Java is Proven and Peer reviewed.
Java has proven itself for many years to be an extremely secure environment, unlike Microsoft where its typical to read about viruses and security alerts on a weekly basis.

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