Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Cup Runneth Over

British women have the biggest breasts in Europe. Yes, confirming something that I have personally researched in depth over a period of many, many years (all in the interests of science, of course), the boffins working on behalf of a British bra company have discovered that the British Woman has a far heftier d├ęcolletage than her European counterpart. They went on to say that over a third of British women wear a bra with a D Cup or greater (and if it’s a Friday night and the booze is flowing, they aren’t averse to�’getting them out’, either!)��

The study found that today’s more buxom women have sent sales of structured and supportive underwired bras soaring. Demand for the underwired bra is up by 12 per cent in the last two years and now makes up 70 per cent of the bra market. Sales rose 12 per cent in the last two years as part of a 27 per cent increase in Britain’s total £1.2billion annual lingerie spending. But the bottom has finally fallen out of the thong market - down 14 per cent last year - as French knicker sales shot up by 36 per cent.�Analyst James McCoy said: “There has been something of a backlash. Shorts leave the wearer feeling less vulnerable than they do in a thong.”

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