Saturday, January 06, 2007

Desi sites - ICICI Bank Woes

Most Indian websites are designed by retards of the highest order. In fact, each AND every site is designed by retards. The GUI is the most user-unfriendly, most things just don't work, too many ads, pop-ups. In fact, one can go on and on ...

In this series, I will attempt to cover some of them that I encounter.

Lets take for example, ICICIBank.

1. Those idiots don't let us choose our own username. They send it via mail, a week or so after we visit a bank and open an account.

2. Bank to bank transfer fails for most everyone. I just tried to transfer, resulting in several errors for reasons unknown to me. Finally, I tried to request a reissue of Transaction Password, as the transaction password expires after x number of unsuccessful attempts. Which resulted in another error..

Request for reissue of Transaction Password.


Currently, we are unable to process your request.


Please try after some time.

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